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I agree that this moment in the sun can and will help define the public 
understanding of cohousing, and so I'd like to ask that the 
International nature of cohousing be reinforced - ie., it's in Canada 
too!  And in an innovative way, vis a vis  Windsong...

And I'd like to add that the cohousing idea is being applied here and a 
few other places in replacement of more conventional thinking about 
housing, in particular in dealing with affordable housing provision - 
we have convinced the Provincial Government that providing four walls 
and a roof is not enough -  especially for low-income households, and 
so we are just now embarking on a sort of retro-fit cohousing project 
where community amenities are understood as being essential to the 
success of the overall project - with some funding to help achieve it.

Russell Mawby

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