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From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:05:11 -0500
I sent a cc of my post ov my message earlier today (Subject:  Re: CNN
coverage ) to the reporter doing the Washington Times article.
Below is her response.


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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 20:40:58 -0500
From: Sarah Means <SMeans [at]>
To: Fred H Olson <fholson [at]>
Subject: Re: fame

Fred Olson,
I'm assuming this letter is in reply to a cohousing-L message on the CNN
coverage. Since I didn't read the previous message (if there was one) I'm
not sure that I understand this letter, but here's my reply:
You wrote:

>While the recent flurry of publicity is noteworthy, it is not the first
>national media publicity - the Twin Cities Cohousing Network has long used
>excerpts from TV network and PBS publicity. Lately I've used the RCMA
>video.  Hopefully this is not the last.  Rob, do you sense that this
>may be our 15 minutes of fame and we may not get another chance to be
>ready to take advantage of it?
This is definately not the end of your "15 minutes of fame." Though as a
reporter I'm not to break a story before its time, publications all over
this area are interested in what CoHousers have to say. If you UNIFY your
efforts under a national organization, I believe that your commitment to
CoHousing will go a long way, thus rewarding your hard work and gaining the
interest you need to make your projects effective.

>My message "Washington..." listed the points I emphasized:  One other
>thing I did not mention in my note to cohousing-L was where to get more
>information.  The reporter assured me that there would have a "more info"
>The three resources I cited were:
>1) the Book
>2) Cohousing Mag

These were all there along with several other "more info." items. Just a
brief note to those who may be interviewed in the future: I talked to
CoHousers across the country, and few were really in touch with what was
going on nationally. One person I interviewed didn't even know her site was
on the internet! If CoHousers know what their neighbors are doing just by
checking the internet or by subscribing to the CoHousing Journal, they may
be better able to advertise themselves as an organized, informed movement.
I respect your hard work and think organized, unified efforts will bring
you success!

Sarah Means

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