Re: CoHo community
From: Sara Luce Look (
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:01:06 -0500
>Subject: Re: Coho Community - when no Coho "Community"?
>>Conniie Plice wrote:
>>Responding to your inquiry about common cooking in "regular" neighborhood=
>>s.  >Anyhow, one summer we got the thought that you expressed about each
>> doing all its own cooking "what a waste!".  So we set up a plan for comm=
>>unity cooking four days a week for the evening meal. 
>In Atlanta, I'm a member of EastLake Commons, where we are still in our
>planning stages for our cohousing eco-village. I already have a wonderful
>sense of community in Atlanta which has recently been expanded upon.
>Some friends and I decided to create an eating collective, after reading
>about one in the book "Everyday Acts and Small Subversions" by Andee Hochman
>(a really wonderful book about women, work and community).
>We now share meals three times a week and since there are nine of us, we
>only have to cook once every three weeks. You can either stay and eat at the
>person's house that's cooking, or simply bring containers and take it with you.
>We've been doing this for almost a year now, and  we love it! It has saved
>me time, money and I'm eating better, plus I get to touch base, if not have
>have great conversations  at least three times a week with minimal effort
>(I've gotta eat, right?)
>I'm excited about moving into cohousing, though I think I will miss the food
>chain, though about half of our members are now signed on for EastLake Commons!

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