Re: California Camp CoHo
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:18:01 -0500
MelaSilva [at] wrote:
> Just got back from a 3 day campout with 56 other cohousers or "want-to-be's"
> We reserved a large group site just  a short walk from Muir Woods, a stunning
> National Park filled with redwoods, and a 15 minute drive from Stinson Beach.
> We went hiking, went to the beach, sat around the campfire, watched the kids
> run til they couldn't run any more. It was really great to be with each other
> in a  BIG calm open space. No meetings. Just hanging out. I heartily
> recommend it to other groups!
> Pam Silva
> Southside Park, Sacramento

Thank you Pam and whoever put so much energy into organizing such a
wonderful event.  It was really a good taste of community.  The first
evening, I was a little stressed out by all the kids running around. 
Even though I am a teacher, I am not used to "living" with kids.  After
awhile they went off on their own adventures moving further and further
away from camp in an amazing display of independence, creativity,
curiosity, adventure, and friendship.  It was cool.  They also were very
useful escorting folks who did not have flashlights to their campsites. 
I even had a four year old guide...though he did ask me to hold his hand
when walking down a steep hill.  It was great!

Could someone from Two Acre Wood who was there please email me.  I need
to make quick contact with the new couple in your group with baby Leo,
Harry and ...I have her name packed.  I am leaving for Costa Rica sooner
than planned.  (I apologize if I should have made this a separate
message and not to the whole group...maybe someone wants to know more
about Costa Rica;-)

Sanda Everette
Los Prados Urban Retrofit Cohousing (Look for our website soon.)
(Dragon Belly Farm)
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