subsidies for affordability
From: David Mandel (
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 00:51:15 -0500
Uta Stelson of Sunward Cohousing of Ann Arbor wrote:
>Scott and anyone else, I'd like to find out more about getting government
>support to finance the common house. Are thre any leads we could start
>pursuing? Any books, lists, etc. on what grants can be applied for? Energy
>efficiency comes to mind, as does innovative design, alternative energy uses?
>Any help would be appreciated.

I have no specific advice on getting support for the common house, and I
tend to think that would be quite rare. It just happened to work out that
way for the SLC project, but the impetus at work could apply most anywhere
else: There are public funds of various sorts available to 1) Create more
low-income housing; and 2) stimulate development in depressed
neighborhoods. That same combination was what got us assistance from the
local housing agency, and while it was not applied necessarily to the
common house per se, the end result is identical: Inclusion of low-income
homeowners in a mixed income project built in a depressed urban
neighborhood. The exact nature of the funds available and specific
requirements will vary from place to place; most of them are administered
by local housing agencies or at most state agencies, very little directly
by the federal government. Ask around in your town to find the access
points. Chance are you will find them and qualify if you are including some
low income people and choosing the right neighborhood. Good luck -- and
please share experiences with me. I want to compile them to help others.

David Mandel, Sacramento

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