RE: common house furniture
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 08:29:54 -0500
Well, obviously alot of what you can buy depends on your budget. Part of your 
decision should be related to what you use the space for. If the only things 
happening in that space are meals and other "table" sort of functions, then  
portability for cleaning the floor is really all you need. If you use that 
space for other functions like excersize or dance you may want more complete 
portability to move tables completely out of the way. In this scenario folding 
legs on tables might be nice.

 In general I have heard, but not experienced that narrower tables make for 
more intimate settings. With a standard sized folding table you may be closer 
to the person behind you than across from you.

We bought 40 stacking metal chairs with vinyl padded seats farily 
inexpensively. The seats on about half a dozen have broken and we seem to have 
no one interested or able to recover them, although one did get recovered with 
fabric and is very nice. The metal parts seem to be holding up very well and 
they do come apart easily for recovering, a nice feature. Stacking chairs are 
very handy to transport and get out of the way to mop the floor, something we 
do a couple times a week. 

From:   cohousing-l [at] on behalf of patty m gourley
Sent:   Wednesday, July 23, 1997 2:53 PM
Subject:        common house furniture

We are assembling information on tables, chairs, furniture, etc for our
common house and need any input you all might have regarding:
1. vendors for tables- folding, stacking, handsome, inexpensive...
2. maybe we should use "collectables" - tables and chairs that we could
bring to the dining area.  Of course we couldn't fold these up and
recover the space for other purposes.
Any thoughts on these two sides of the same issue?  Groundbreaking is in
about 30 days (?) and the common house will be built first.  So, we need
to start this process and the first part is information gathering.
Help and thanks,
Tierra Nueva CoHousing

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