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From: Eves (
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 06:02:22 -0500
Dear Patty,
Thanks for your Pathway Lighting query.  We, at Cantine's Island, after years
of site planning etc, have not planned any!!!  I don't know what we will
do.....  Frankly flashlights, either handheld or the ones that are on
headgear, like worn by miners has lots of appeal for me, personally.  Light
as needed, not introducing light pollution.  I, by the way, have not got good
night vision, and do understand folks wanting to have illumination at
night.... I currently have a tiny flashlight on my key chain, powered by one
battery, which doesn't sound like much, but in fact provides enough light to
see to walk.  Given that there's often be a 'schlep factor', and we won't
have hands free for flashlights,the headband mounted ones may be a boon.
 However interested to hear about other folks.  Our site is semi-rural; the
idea of drowning out the lights of the sky is counter-intuitive,
All Best,
Eves @ AOL

As we approach move-in, these questions are tumbling forth: anyone in
residence have a space for teens??  Ours  have requested a specific, existing
space very separate from our houses and common-house-to-be, and given that we
anticipate being a kid-magnet in general, which we hope will be fine , there
is some leeriness about this.  Partly, they are requesting a space for which
some 'adults' have a lot of fondness', and may be useful as retreat space for
adults, and possibly as guest room space, as we cannot afford to complete
common house upon move in.  Other leeriness is that it being so separate, we
will have no way of knowing who comes and goes there, exposing us to .......
everyone's wildest thoughts echoing from their own youths!!  I am considering
offering my own basement as a clubhouse, perhaps one night per week, and
would like feedback about this.  They could be reasonably private there, it's
a kind of neat space, and they might like it.  This idea has just come up in
my mind, and am open to feedback about how nuts I'd be..... But it may be
available, fun space, I may or may not be around, but at least they'd be up
in the housing area...... rather than 'down below' on separate area of land,
which is current request.

All Best,
Eves @ AOL

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