RE: Pathway Lighting
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 08:58:22 -0500
The nicest lights I have experienced with pathways were actually at a park. 
The were small, wooden boxes, about a foot high that cast light only on the 
path. They were about 8 feet apart. This gave enough light to see the way, but 
not so much that it was an intrusion on the experience of walking along the 
path at night. Perfect!

From:   cohousing-l [at] on behalf of David Mandel
Sent:   Tuesday, July 29, 1997 7:53 AM
Subject:        Re: Pathway Lighting

>Ours were put in as original equipment and everyone seems to think they're
>about right. There are about 15-20 (I'll go out and count if you really
>want me to) free-standing lights placed at strategic places around the
>pathways on our 1.3 acres. They're about the size and shape of R2D2, use
>sodium bulbs with a yellow-orange-ish glow, use reflectors to illuminate
>mostly to the side. Two have burned out in nearly four years. They are
>manufactured by Ruud Lighting of Racine, Wisc. I can try to look up the
>cost if you want, but I don't feel like trekking to the common house files
>right now. There are additional outdoor lights around the common house, in
>the carports and on the front and back porches of individuals' homes.
>The proposal sound a bit excessive to me, but I can understand that steps
>would require more lighting.
>David Mandel, Sacramento
>>What have you used for lighting on your pathways?  We recently received a
>>bid from the electrical contractor for the outdoor lighting.  It came to
>>$32,000!  The plan shows pathway lights (34", malibu style) every 8-10
>>feet along the flat pathways and then one for every single step, on both
>>sides of the steps.    Our site is slightly sloped, so there are areas
>>where there are 2-3 steps.  The plan seems obsessive to some of us, who
>>prefer to see the stars at night, and in fact we want to get rid of
>>pathway lights altogether, except in the areas where there are steps.
>>And to others in the group (a small minority) the plan is perfect.  These
>>folks feel they need all that candle power to walk safely at night.
>>As a compromise, we are getting bids from another source, the renewables
>>division at Real Goods, here in
>>California.  Several of us Tierra Nuevans are Hard Corp members and like
>>the idea of using alternative energy.  The engineer there who helped me
>>on the phone seemed to think that hard-wiring the pathway lights would be
>>the best way to go, since solar path lights often get shadowed by the
>>canapy of landscape trees and shrubs.  So while we wait for them to
>>receive the lighting/site plan, in order to give us a second bid, what
>>have the rest of you done for pathway lighting?  Have any of you started
>>out with no outdoor lighting, then retrofitted as needed for the extra
>>dark places, if any?  Have any of you experienced having an outdoor
>>lighting plan (parking lots/pathways) that felt too "lit" after move-in,
>>and then had to turn off some of the lights?
>>Patty Mara
>>Tierra Nueva CoHousing
>>San Luis Obispo County, CA

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