Ad: Sustainability Conference - August 15th-18th
From: Jeff Clearwater (
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 20:52:04 -0500
Greetings Cohousers!

Please check out the updated web pages at:

for the latest on the Sustainability Conference.  The conference is shaping
up beautifully!  Scores of folks are registering and it looks like its
bound to be a fun and exciting gathering of some very interesting and
powerful folks!

Hope you can join us!

Yours in service toward a sustainable culture,

Jeff Clearwater
Sirius Ecovillage Office

Jeff Clearwater
The Eco-Village at Sirius Community
72 Baker Rd
Shutesbury, MA  01072
(413) 259-1254
(413) 259-1255 Fax
clrwater [at]

East Coast Office of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas
and the Global Ecovillage Network

Sustainable Energy & Water Systems Design - Solar/Wind/MicroHydro
Integrated Whole System (Eco-Village) Design

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