Re: Pathways Lighting
From: Peggy Blum (
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 21:24:47 -0500
        I've been hoping someone from Pioneer Valley in Amherst, MA, would
respond because I really loved their pathway lighting.  At first, during the
day, I thought the lights were mailboxes until I realized all mail was in a
central location (in or near the common house).  As you walk along the path,
you push a switch on one light and a bank of 3 or 4 lights turn on ahead of
you;  they're on a timer and after some minutes go off.  It seemed like a
great idea for a country setting.  Wonder how the Pioneer Valley folks feel
about them, now that they've lived with them for several years.

        Here in Cambridge, MA, we know we will have lighting at all
appropriate places (no dark nooks and crannies) as we have been encouraged
to do by the Police Dept Safety Officer.  I'm not sure about exactly what
and where the lights will be placed.  I believe that is probably going to be
decided soon by the Landscape Task Force. 

--Peg Blum
peggyblum [at]

Cambridge Cohousing,  where the huge crane has started lifting our modules
into place on our 4-story Common House building, which will contain 17 units
as well as our common areas.  The 11 units on the East End are all in place
and are being finished or "buttoned up" as the developer keeps saying.  Very
exciting!  Oh, yes, all 41 units are sold!!!  And we're starting a waiting

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