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From: John Greene, Nancy Lowe (
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 18:24:26 -0500
        Forgot to notify everyone that CNN postponed the coho piece that
was going to run this past Saturday.  They're supposed to call and let us
know the new date, but I'll call them rather than wait.  Could be shown
this Saturday (8/9) I suppose.  Anyway, I'll post a message when we hear.
Again, it's a show called "Parenting Today" - Saturdays at, I think, 1:30

        Meanwhile, Dateline NBC is coming this Thursday night (8/7).
They're staying for like 4 hours, during which time we're having a potluck
and a discussion on some community life issues, and they want to interview
2 or 3 residents, plus Greg (our architect) about different aspects of
cohousing.  Those folks have huddled some to make sure they cover the
important stuff.  Wish us luck.  Frankly, we're all getting a little tired
of this stuff.

        Wish they had come two years ago when we really needed 'em, or a
year from now when the place looks better and we've finished some of our
initial work.  It's been a nice motivator, though, to get some things done.

        Meanwhile, some of you may hear from these folks too.

Lake Claire CoHousing
Atlanta, GA

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