Re: Police Calls
From: Alan Carpenter (
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 01:45:36 -0500
I live in Windsong Cohousing in B.C., Canada. Living in Cohousing is about
living in communication with neighbors verses living in isolation. We have
learned to communicate for an intention to co create solutions which
creates a great conflict resolution tool. If we have a problem and it
concerns a neighbor we go to the neigbhor and ask them help for our problem
instead of blaming them. This approach creates solutions. Where in isolated
neighborhoods (all those that are Not Cohousing) people just yell at the
neighbors, live in conflict and fear and that is where police need to go

Cohousing in my opinion reduces the need for police, social workers, drugs

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> >Muir Commons Cohousing community has been in existence for almost six
> years and in all that
> >time there has never been an instance of a law enforcement official
> >getting involved in resolving a conflict within our cohousing
> >neighborhood.  
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