Police and cohousing problems
From: Kevin Wolf (kjwolfdcn.davis.ca.us)
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 01:38:28 -0500
To whom it may concern.

The N Street Cohousing Community in Davis California has been in existence
since 1986.  Over these ten years, there has never been a problem within
the community that would give rise to the need for police intervention.  In
fact, the community has had a positive impact on our low income
neighborhood by significantly improving the run down housing that we
purchased, by improving relations with our neighbors, and attracting new
people to move and buy homes in the immediate vicinity.  Before our
cohousing community began, most homes were lower income rentals with many
of the
incumbent problems associated with them.  Now, a significant percentage
(~50%) of the homes across the street have been purchased (or long term
leased) by people specifically attracted to the area by our community.
Homes two streets away continue to be overwhelmingly purchased by landlords
as opposed to owner occupants.  If you would like a reference from our
police chief please give him a call.  His name is Jerry Gonazalez.  His
number is 916-756-3907.


Kevin Wolf
ten year N Street Cohousing resident

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