media update
From: John Greene, Nancy Lowe (
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:36:33 -0500
Latest media news from here in Atlanta:

        - Our date with "Dateline" turned out to be with the same "Good
Morning America" folks who interviewed Chuck and Katie.  (The person
contacted in our group got mixed up!  I'm unclear now on whether we ever
got a call from Dateline NBC or whether it was the ABC folks all along.)
Anyway, they were here for around 3 hours last night and shot a lot of
footage, although they told someone that the main focus is going to be on
the group in Amherst.  (Any Amherst folks out there?  Did y'all get a visit
from them?)  At any rate we, too, were told that it would air this Sunday,
between 9 and 10.

        - CNN finally called us back and said that the "Parenting Today"
segment would be shown no earlier than Sat. the 23rd, and possibly not that
soon.  Said they'd call to let us know.

        - And finally, believe it or not, we got another call -- this time
from I.T.N., the International Television News, a British show that, at
least around here, is shown on PBS every night after The Newshour.  This
guy wants to come on Tuesday night.  We have nothing happening on Tuesday
night.  We're planning to use leftovers from Sunday's community meal to
stage a fake one on Tuesday.

        Who's next?  Is there anybody left?

Lake Claire CoHousing, Atlanta

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