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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 10:22:20 -0500
((Note: The following information is an update to the information that has 
been previously posted to this list and has gone out in the Cohousing journal. 
The conference web page linked from the Events page on has 
the earlier information, without updates. A new web site is being set up on, currently under development; watch 
this new site for further updates.))

North American Cohousing Conference 1997
September 18-21, 1997
Seattle, Washington

An event cosponsored by Northwest Intentional Communities Association (501c3) 
and University of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning. The 
"burning souls day" is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Cohousing Association 


The conference takes place in Gould Hall at the UW in Seattle's University 
District, with many restaurants and other features nearby. The area is home to 
several cohousing communities in various stages, and the conference will 
feature field trips to some sites in the region. The Burning Souls Day event 
will take place in a cohousing common house in Seattle.


The program will reflect the  interests of the membership. In the first 
session on Friday, the program for most of the conference will be decided 
using  "Open Space Technology". This form of participatory agenda setting 
allows all participants to propose discussion topics. The final selection, 
made by everyone, will allow those activities, presentations, and discussion 
topics found to be most important to those in attendance to become the agenda. 
As with cohousing, Open Space Technology requires participation, 
communication, collaboration, and compromise. The agenda-setting session will 
be conducted by Zev Paiss.

Small group discussions, informal but important as part of the program, will 
be arranged by the members of the conference during the course of the weekend, 
using meeting spaces in the building and at local restaurants. Use this 
feature of the conference to address any topic that you want covered.

Watch the conference web page for details about the program. Offer a topic 
that you'd like to hear or participate in, or a presentation you'd like to 


Friday: Light breakfast; agenda work; discussions and presentations all day. 
Discussion groups dine at nearby restaurants. Local tours may occur. Evening, 
reception and communities slide show.
Saturday: Similar to Friday. Evening social.
Sunday: Morning tours, discussions. Brunch, summaries, featured talk, closing 
comments. Afternoon tours, discussions, networking.

Burning Souls Day: On Thursday 18 September activists work on ways to promote 
cohousing.  This year's agenda will include formation of a national 
organization. Sponsored by RMCA, the event will take place in a local common 
house, and the additional cost is $10.

Resource Room

This room will offer displays, references, items for sale, and other 
information, and will be the place to organize a discussion group, meet 
someone for casual conversation, and find the resources you need to go forward 
with your interest in cohousing. Groups can use the room to share information 
about their communities or organizations. Professionals and businesses may 
offer cohousing-related information in the available space. Contact the 
conference if there is a specific use you would like to make of the resource 

Cohousing Groups

A discount is offered to groups and regional organizations. Cohousing groups 
can have space in the resource room to promote their projects or 
organizations. Groups may request space for a meeting or other event. Tell us 
how the conference could be useful for your group.


The conference is the weekend before UW orientation, so hotel space will be 
tight.  No on-campus space is available. Reserve early. Two hotels offer a 
discount. Other hotels, not connected with the conference, are nearby. Limited 
space is available in local cohousing; tell us if you want this, but have a 
backup reservation.

College Inn is a historic bed and breakfast across the street, at 4000 
University Way NE. It is smoke-free, disallows pets, is accessible only by 
stairs, and has shared bathrooms. Continental breakfast is included. A sitting 
room is available, good for small groups to meet. Rates start at $53.75 for 
one and $63.50 for two, with $68.40 for a two-bed suite. To reserve, call 
(206) 633-4441 (Visa/Mastercard required), and mention the 
university-sponsored cohousing conference.

University Inn is at 4140 Roosevelt Way NE, a few blocks away. It is a 
full-service hotel, with ADA rooms, free parking and continental breakfast. 
Rates start at $94.79 for one and $106.35 for two, with kitchen suites 
starting at $126.00. To reserve, call (800) 733-3855, fax (206) 547-4937, or 
email UnivINN [at], and mention the Architectural and Urban Planning 
cohousing conference.

Child Care

Free child care is available to anyone if it is requested in advance. The 
arrangements will be a combination of professional care and parent and other 
adult volunteers. The aim is for the conference "village" to make it possible 
for parents to participate fully, without worry.


The Pacific Northwest is rich with cohousing sites available for visits. Field 
trips to local projects will be offered during the conference. Other projects 
in WA, OR, and BC have opened their doors to visitors before and after the 
conference, some with meals and bed space included. Information on these tours 
is being sent to preregistered members of the conference.


The 3-day conference price is $70. Cohousing groups and regional 
organizations: $65 each for 3 or 4, $60 for 5+. UW students: $60. Burning 
Souls Day is $10. Includes child care and some meals. 

For those with schedule or budget constraints, some one-day or no-meals 
memberships may be available. Inquire, telling us what you need.

When you register, you will be sent information about locations and other 

Make checks payable to "Northwest Intentional Communities Association" and 
send to POB 46665, Seattle WA 98146-0665. Include:

- name, address, day & evening phone, email
- group, professional, volunteer, other status
- interest in burning souls day
- food restrictions, other special needs
- children's names, ages, sex, special needs
- topics, expertise, experiences, interests
- volunteer offers of help to the conference
- requests for space in resource room
- accomodations plans

Note: Make hotel reservations directly.

Conference coordinator:
Marci Malinowycz
POB 46665, Seattle WA 98146-0665
(206) 763-2623
sodance [at]

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