More media update
From: David Mandel (
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 04:12:41 -0500
I missed the ABC show Sunday -- I was on my way to Desolation Wilderness
for a couple of days out of the Sacramento heat. But I'll add another angle
nevertheless. The reporter called me last week, too, apparently at Don
Lindemann's suggestion, and sounded extremely eager to come over, perhaps
for our meeting Friday night. I said I'd have to ask the group of that was
OK, but said it probably would be, and of course I encouraged her to
spotlight our mixed-income, urban identity, even went out on a limb and
suggested she might interview some of our neighbors (who knows what they
might have said?). At her request I faxed copies of a few news stories
about us ... then I waited and never heard a word from her again.
Reconstructing the conversation, I think she really wanted to get to
California one way or another, and once she did, well, Emeryville has a
better climate and is easier to get to and has Chuck and Katie. So why
bother with Sacramento?

This week's news: A stringer from Time magazine has been calling us and is
writing a proposal to his editors.

David from Hot Valley City

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