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From: Alan Carpenter (
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:05:14 -0500
I was in Boulder two years ago and was involved in a group discussion
around a national organization. My understanding was that one or two
persons wanted a National Organization out of about 8 present and the
consensus was that Cohousing works best by an informal structure and
networking as we already have. A part of the discussion was how much energy
it takes to do a national organziation and fund raising. The idea then was
if we take that energy into just creating Cohousing we will be more
effective.  The quote was " An organization is the death of a movement".
And look at the results we have created so far with many projects completed
and hundred's of groups underway, also with the publication of a major
magazine. Great Work so far! 

I strongly disagree that we have reached consensus on this issue!

Re: Burning souls: I would like to see discussion on how people are
effective in creating more projects then their own and some discussion on
how we  can share resources to be more effective. If we look at what we
want to achieve and create a common goal a national organization may work
and it may not. In a Cohousing way lets look at what our common goal is
first, brainstorm how to achieve that, prioritze and define who will do
what, then create a follow up plan around that. 


> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 18:56:29 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Zpaiss [at]
> To: cohousing-l [at]
> Subject: North American Organization
> Message-ID: <970814185507_-1604652608 [at]>
> Dear CoHousers:
> Zev here.  I wanted to put down onto paper a response to several people
> this list regarding the creation of a North American coho organization.
> For those of you asking why should we do this, I would like to say that
> was discussed at length two years ago in Boulder and the consensus at
> time was to move ahead with the creation of this organization.  Since
> specific work has actually occured on that front, it feels like what is
> emerging is a logical evolution of that two-year-old request.
> I wanted to clarify that the thinking at this point is NOT to create a
> organization but to modify the legal structure of the RMCA to accomodate
> wider needs of a larger organization.  The questions raised about funding
> such an organization are excellent and will come into play, if and only
> the organization begins to offer additional services and take on expanded
> projects.
> The RMCA has operated under the philosophy that if someone wants to see
> take on a new project then they will need to find the resources both in
> person-power and funding if needed.  I see this larger organization
> the same way in the beginning.
> Our image is to create a vessel (or bessel as Checkov would say) large
> to hold a wide variety of FUTURE activities and projects.  However
> the activities of this organization would be to continue only what is
> occuring.  This would include, publishing of the Journal under the
> eyes and hands of Don Lindemann, offer an ever growing Web site under the
> command of Stuart, and be a national contact for the curious as the
> is already doing.
> A listing of possible future services and projects is being composed by
> Michael Mariner of the RMCA and should be distributed to this list very
> shortly.
> Our hope is to bring to the Seattle conference a set of legal documents
> are basically a handful of modifications from the existing RMCA Bylaws
> Articles of Incorporation for discussion and eventual approval of those
> are in attendance at the Meeting of Burning Souls.
> Please send your thoughts and suggestions to me in addition to the entire
> list.
> Thanks,
> Zev Paiss
> for the RMCA Board
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> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 17:00:41 -0700
> From: coho [at] (The CoHousing Company)
> To: Cohousing-L [at]
> Subject: Burning Souls Day
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> Burning Souls Day will be successful for me if we really can get some
> clarity regarding the national organization. What's its purpose? Who is
> able/good for media interviews at different communities? What are people
> resources/skills are people willing/able to contribute? How can we best
> support each other and ongoing development of CoHousing concepts in
> whatever format they take.
> Katie McCamant
> The CoHousing Company
> "Architectural Design and Consulting Services towards the formation of
> CoHousing Communities"
> email: coho [at]
> web site:
> tel. 510-549-9980, fax 510-549-2140
> 1250 Addison St. #113
> Berkeley, CA 94702
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