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Dear CoHousers:

Zev here.  I wanted to put down onto paper a response to several people on
this list regarding the creation of a North American coho organization. 

For those of you asking why should we do this, I would like to say that
this was discussed at length two years ago in Boulder and the consensus at
that time was to move ahead with the creation of this organization.  Since
little specific work has actually occured on that front, it feels like
what is emerging is a logical evolution of that two-year-old request. 

I wanted to clarify that the thinking at this point is NOT to create a new
organization but to modify the legal structure of the RMCA to accomodate
the wider needs of a larger organization.  The questions raised about
funding such an organization are excellent and will come into play, if and
only if, the organization begins to offer additional services and take on
expanded projects. 

The RMCA has operated under the philosophy that if someone wants to see us
take on a new project then they will need to find the resources both in
person-power and funding if needed.  I see this larger organization working
the same way in the beginning.

Our image is to create a vessel (or bessel as Checkov would say) large
enough to hold a wide variety of FUTURE activities and projects.  However
initially, the activities of this organization would be to continue only
what is already occuring.  This would include, publishing of the Journal
under the excellent eyes and hands of Don Lindemann, offer an ever growing
Web site under the command of Stuart, and be a national contact for the
curious as the Network is already doing. 

A listing of possible future services and projects is being composed by
Michael Mariner of the RMCA and should be distributed to this list very

Our hope is to bring to the Seattle conference a set of legal documents
which are basically a handful of modifications from the existing RMCA
Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for discussion and eventual approval
of those who are in attendance at the Meeting of Burning Souls. 

Please send your thoughts and suggestions to me in addition to the entire


Zev Paiss
for the RMCA Board

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