Re: COHOUSING-L digest 247
From: Eves (
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 05:02:01 -0500
Dear Ones, esp Joe Nolan, EcoVillage,

5AM, a purring cat in lap......Sun's a  risin1 Congratulations on your
move-in!  Esp after the hot setback you folks had.  Might be heartening if
you relay that story to this Digest;  heartening to other folks experiencing
set-backs, to know of the fire  and re-build[?  I don't know the details, and
would like to learn] of your Village!  
Anyway, I'm a part of Cantine's island in Saugerties, also in process since
around 1991.  We currently have 9 out of 12 houses on-site; un-finished, but
basically there,3 more to come.  We used good modular construction for our
basic houses, and are doing the finish work on-site, including beautiful,
surprisingly affordable cedar siding.  
So we congratulate you, and look forward to connecting!  
Ruth Hirsch, Cantine's Island.
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