RE: Continental Coho Org
From: Michael Mariner (
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 23:11:06 -0500
I'd like to see the burning soul's meeting start with the mission -- 
*why* the nat'l org should exist before we get into the "what" and the 

I'm not happy with the way i phrased the mission statement on the 
original proposal.  I'd like it to sound "inclusive" without sounding 
like a piece of federal legislation....

Rob Sandelin listed his priorities for the cohousing movement's "needs" as

>A central media contact point
>Large scope national media campaign planning
>A central information contact point for forming groups (The website)
>Communications between scattered groups (The website, journal, cohousing-L, 
>the conference)
>A central repository for resources and information such as sample documents, 
>agreements, what we have learned. (The website plus hard copies)
>Coodination of individual sponsered volunteer projects
>So what else do we actually need? I can't think of anything else right now. 
>So, if this is the complete list, all we need is one full time person, a 
>telephone number and a computer.

To accomplish the Phase One goal including the functions above, I agree 
that a full time person might be enough.  I assume this would not include 
editting the Journal. (?)

The crux for me is whether or not (and how soon) we want the nat'l/cont'l 
org to be actively involved in broadening and deepening the cohousing 
movement -- especially reaching out to the members of society that can't 
afford cohousing the way it is now.  I agree we need to begin cautiously 
and not make grandiose plans that exceed our resources, but I also 
advocate we put a high priority on broadening the movement.  I could live 
with waiting until "Year Two" or "Phase Two," but I'd like us to consider 
having, say, a half-time person, whose mission would be this "outreach."  
I for one would kick in some extra $$ to fund this.

Michael M
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