Why come to the North American Conference this year?
From: Rob Sandelin (Floriferousmsn.com)
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 08:42:39 -0500
I have been asked by a few people why come to the 97 North American
Cohousing conference so I thought I would share this with the whole

This conference is not at all an academic sort of affair, where people
read their papers and give speeches. Its a cohousing family reunion. As
a person living in, or working towards living in cohousing it is a one
time opportunity to hang out with people who share your values and
interests from all over the US and Canada. There is never going to be the same
mixture of talent, experience and advice available all in one place

This years event is peer driven, and what that means is that the content
of the discussions will be determined by the participants, to meet the
participants needs. Who knows more about cohousing than we do?

You are part of a large family of cohousers and you and your experiences
are very much invited and wanted. So far we have 24 cohousing
communities signed up. It would be fabulous if every group sent one
representative (or more) to the conference. Want to know several
strategies for marketing unsold cohousing units? Come hear what people
have learned from around the continent. How do different groups do community
dinner? How have you dealt with kids from up the road problems? What are
ways to make meetings fun and productive? The experience and wisdom
available at this conference is absolutely staggering. 

Come hang out with your extended cohousing family. Watch Uncle Chuck
analyze site plans in the resource room, gather the wisdom of Aunt Katy
and cousin Zev, listen to Uncle Rob wax philosophical
after a couple of beers around the campfire. Learn the things that have
worked and not worked from cousin Chris. 

This event will never be repeated. Sure, we may have more conferences,
but NONE will ever be like this one, and heck, the next one won't be
until 1999 at the earliest.  So send your registration in to Marci
today. Get those plane tickets. You will never find so much talent, all
together in one place, so cheaply again. If you miss this, you will
probably regret it later. Really

Rob Sandelin

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