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From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 16:41:40 -0500
Dragonbelly Farm is south of Port Townsend by 17 miles on the Olympic
Pen. If you want to set-up base-camp during the conference or visit let
us know. Our NW web site: 
Peace an adventure

Here is a message from Sanda Everette:

>Greetings from Costa Rica where I am beginning the second week of a four
>week program at a language school outside of  San Jose.  Yesterday we
>visited a housing project, one of many in Costa Rica designed for the poor,
>40% single women.  The government helps purchase the land but it is a
>private enterprise.  All families must contribute 30 hours/week of labor.
>They may not sell or rent their houses.  The community OWNS the community.
>I will be returning to San Mateo the end of the month.  Some of you may
>recall that we are attempting to develop an urban retrofit type
>mini-cohousing project on an inlet of San Francisco Bay 20 miles south of
>the city.  Hopefully there will be a website for it soon when Stuart
>updates the cohousing pages--for all I know he already has.... There will
>be two opportunities coming up to join us next month.  There will be a
>wonderful 2 BR apartment available the first week.  It has a great deck,
>about 16x16, overlooking the water. (rent and later an opportunity to buy,
>if desired. We will also be looking for someone to share our 3 BR apartment
>toward the end of the month.  You can write me in Costa Rica, include my
>name in the subject, or my huband, Brian, in San Mateo sand [at]
>We look forward to seeing many of you at the cohousing conference in Seattle.
>Hasta luego,

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