Continental Org, Surge in Media Exposure, Allocate $100 game
From: Michael Mariner (
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:17:47 -0500

Keep your eyes peeled and your VCR's, scissors and audio tape decks 
ready:  At our Rocky Mtn. Cohousing Assn. board meeting last night, it 
was noted that because of the front page article in USA Today last month 
that several TV networks, radio and print publications are planning 
significant coverage of cohousing in the next few weeks - a real surge of 
publicity.  Could people please post media events as they hear of them?  
Several of those mentioned at our meeting were just tentatively scheduled 
-- they can always be bumped for "late breaking" stories...

If we picture an innovation (cohousing) being adopted on a large scale as 
a bell curve, could it be that we may be about to hit the steep upside of 
the curve?!  Or is it just a blip in the media landscape?  I'd bet it's 
the former -- because there is such a craving for community and belonging 
out there.

Anyway, I agree with other people's posts that having good national 
coordination is going to be more and more important.  The continental org 
can be thrifty -- as lean and and keen as possible, but let's not 
underestimate the vision so that it hamstrings the movement.

Here's a follow-up suggestion to Rob's about needs vs. wants.  Suppose 
you were going to invest $100 in this continental coho org.  What would 
you want your money to go for -- $10 for this, $20 for that, $50 for 

Caveat:  *Nobody* has thought of setting continental dues at $100.  Just 

Michael M
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