North American Organization
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 11:03:19 -0500
Dear David,
You wrote: "Why is RMCA seemingly so eager to sacrifice itself for a
continental organization? Doesn't the
success of cohousing in  Colorado speak for the usefulness of a regional
organization such as we're trying to will into being in California?"

Your question is an excellent one.  The question was raised by myself and
other members of our board about five months ago. The goal of RMCA was to
assist the creation of CoHousing in the Rocky Mountain Region. Now some six
years later with a declining membership we asked ourselves if we have
fulfilled our purpose.  

There are certainly tasks which are very helpful to coordinate on a local and
regional basis.  Local contact, regional inserts to a national publication,
staffing at local events, and education of local political, financial and
community groups. CoHousing ultimately happens on a VERY local scale.  

But there also seems to be a growing cry for help, we feel, better served by
a continental organization.  In a recent posting from Rob Sandelin he
suggested topics such as, coordinated media campaigns, central information
clearing house, repository for documents and coordination of emerging
projects as logical roles for a continental organization to address.  

In some ways the RMCA may have already outgrown its regional scope.  For
example, we have after much effort, obtained a 501 (c)(3) and now find a lack
of time and energy among our Board to take advantage of it.  By enlarging our
organization into a continental scope, we feel the chances of using the new
status are greatly enhansed.

It is our plan to structure the organization to include local/regional
chapters so that the work of the RMCA (and other chapters around North
America) will continue into the future. 

See you in Seattle.


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