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From: boborpeg (
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 02:20:05 -0500
I just joined this list....have been searching for almost a year to find
one about communities etc.
My Husband and I live near SF and for years have wanted to live in a
co-housing environment with like minded folks. We both went through the
60's living in many communal situations.  
We're no longer wanting to live with 18 other adults, kids, dogs, cats,
birds in small quarters with our matresses on the floor, eating brown
rice and vegetables EVERY night....we have grown with the years. But the
idea of community with each having their private homes but very
connected as a real community, is extremely pleasing to us. Please tell
me more about this movement....and how come I didn't know it was so big?
There was a time when I was involved in all the movements......ah,
well....that was then and this is now.
How do we learn more?  Is there a comprehensive list?  URL ?


Peggy S Carlan RN

boborpeg [at]

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