CoHousing and the Media
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 15:36:00 -0500
Zev Here:

I bet everyone is wondering when the national coho pieces are actually going
to air.  Good question.  The most recent information I have from my finacee
Kay Abrahams who is in personal contact with several of the producers is the

1. CNN:  Will be doing a national story tentatively set for Saturday,
September 6, 1997 about raising children in CoHousing.  The program is called
"Parenting Today."

2. ABC-TV:  "Sunday Good Morning America" has completed a segment focusing on
several East Coast communities and will include an interview with Kathryn
McCamant and Chuck Durrett.  This program is scheduled to air August 30, 1997
and may include a breif mention of the Seattle conference.

3. NBC News:  Program "Dateline" is producing a piece about CoHousing and is
planning to profile residents of Harmony Village in Golden, Colorado. This is
very tenatively scheduled for mid-October.

4. PBS-TV: The "Jim Lehrer News Hour" is in the research phase of a CoHousing
story planned to air in the next few months.

New York Times - Writing a coho piece schedule to print September 7th, front
page of the Real Estate Section.

As always these stories can be bumped due to late breaking news or other acts
of the Editorial Gods.  I or Kay will try to post updated information as we
learn about it.


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