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Cascade Cohousing in South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia has completed 
12 out of 14 homes and a common house and has nearly completed site 
landscaping.  Some of us have now been living on site for over four 
years.  Socially the group is going well and we have just increased 
our common meals from three to four per week due to strong demand.

The owners of one of our two unbuilt sites have decided to sell their 
site due to other commitments.  Anyone Australian subscribers that 
might be interested in purchasing this unique home site (in the only 
complete (more or less) cohouse in Australia) is invited to contact 
cascade cohousing (caco [at], check out our web site 
(( or write to Mary, 2 
Saunders Cres. South Hobart, Tasmania, 7004.

Best wishes to all on the list with their cohousing projects.


PS A second cohousing group in Hobart is currently negotiating the 
purchase of land within 2 blocks of Cascade Cohousing.  This group 
are a non profit cooperative and have received governement assistance 
for the construction of their homes.

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