Retrofit Cohousing session at conference
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 08:19:21 -0500
I encourage everyone interested in an Urban / Retrofit Cohousing 
session at the conference to come prepared to request and
participate in one.  If you would like to consult about it before hand
please write to me.  

It seems possible that the open house at On Going Concerns
retrofit cohousing in Portland on Tues 9/16 (and 9/17 for those not
going to the Burning souls event (?)) might serve as a preliminary

One task that would seem most useful to do before the conference is to 
narrow down the topic to some specific priorities.  I'd like something 
beyond a general overview / introduction to peoples experiences
that we did in '95 in Colorado.

I'm pondering a list of specific topics but not ready to post anything 
at this time.

BTW there is a small group of folks discussing many of these topics
seperate from cohousing-L on the net.


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