RE: Conference housing alert!
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 09:32:55 -0500
We still have 3 beds in local cohousing communities or friends of cohousing. 
There is considerably more options of where you can slumber if you can bring a 
sleeping bag and pad. There is a house near the UW which is owned by some Ceil 
cohousers that can slumber party 5 on the floor, 2 on beds for Friday and 
Saturday nights. There is a bed available at Winslow Cohousing. There is  
slumber party space for six at Sharingwood on the floor of my basement 
(carpeted) or for 40 on the floor of the Sharingwood commonhouse (wood, needs 
pad). There is room for another 3-4 campers in tents at Sharingwood. (we 
supply the tents)

So while actual beds available in cohousing are still somewhat limited, floor 
sleeping space is available for anybody that can sleep on a floor. If you 
should end up coming with no clear space assigned yet to sleep, don't worry. 
You will not be stuck in an alley with the homeless. We will find you a place 
to sleep. I am coordinating the placement of spaces so contact me if you want 
to stay in a local community or home, or if you have a space to share. If you 
indicated in your registration you would like to stay in a local community you 
have already been placed and will be contacted soon with the details.


From:   cohousing-l [at] on behalf of VFMoreland [at]
Sent:   Wednesday, August 27, 1997 2:05 AM
Subject:        Conference housing alert!

Conference goers - both the University Plaza and the Meany Tower, which Marci
mentioned in an earlier note today, are booked up for the conference weekend.
 So are two other places that I was referred to.  The problem is evidently a
major football game with Nebraska, which has taken over the whole area.  Most
of them claim they've been booked up for months - ever since the schedule was

How ironic - we're going to have to come up with creative housing

So, folks with rooms may want to consider adding a third to reduce costs, and
we without rooms will have to start mining our personal networks.  I was
trying to avoid renting a car, but....

Any suggestions welcome

Ginny Moreland
East Lake Commons Ecovillage (Atlanta)
vfmoreland [at]
vmoreland [at]  (day)
(404) 622-8187

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