Mtg w/ US Rep. Earl Blumenauer
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 23:42:36 -0500
After reading an article in the Washington Post about Congressman Earl
Blumennauer (Democrat, Oregon)  and his desire to revitalize urban areas
by creating "liveable" neighborhoods, I called his office.  On Sept.
10th I have a meeting w/ him to talk about how cohousing can further his
"liveability standards" agenda for urban areas.  Blumenauer wants to use
federal legislation where appropriate to foster neighborhoods by looking
at metropolitan neighborhoods as a whole and figuring out how we might
reorganize the way we spend money, make decisions and organize growth.
(Paraphrased from Washington Post article on Blumenauer.)

Blumenauer is gearing up to write or co-sponsor legislation that will
affect urban neighborhoods.  I want to make sure cohousing's agenda/view
is represented.

He's very interested in making neighborhoods something more than a place
you drive through.  This is where I think cohousing could be a big
benefit to him.  And he to us.

To everyone on this list:
-- what issues of a national scope for cohousing would you like him to
-- can federal involvement help cohousing at this time?   What would it
look like?  For instance, financing?

To cohousers living in urban cohousing:
-- do you have articles or information you can send or fax to me showing
how cohousing has benefited the surrounding community?

To cohousers living in Oregon:
-- any of your know or know of Blumenauer? (3rd Congressional District.)

-- what can you tell me about him or his work?  What do you think I need
to know about him for this meeting?

I'm especially interested in information from Oregon cohousing

You can fax articles to me at: 301 431 6332 or preferably mail them to
Ann Zabaldo 831 Malibu Drive Silver Spring MD 20901.

Reading about Blumenauer and his vision for cities I believe he can be a
great ally to cohousing.  My meeting w/ him comes at a fortuitous time
w/ all the current publicity about cohousing making the media rounds.

Any help you can give me w/ this will be forever gratefully appreciated.

Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing

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