Mtg w/ US Rep. Earl Blumenauer
From: Rebbry (
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 15:28:18 -0500
Ann, setting up a meeting with Blumenauer is a smart move strategically.  I
wonder if it makes sense to put together a virtual committee to develop a
legislative agenda before you meet with him.  Or you could meet with him,
educate him about cohousing and see it he would be willing to help with the
agenda.  I think there are some federal programs that could be restructured
somewhat to better accommodate cohousing (i.e. low income housing tax
credits; HUD's Section 108 loan, CDBG and HOME programs; Farmer's Home
Administration programs; and maybe DOT's Livable Communities and ISTEA
programs).  Rebecca Bryant, Ozark CoHousing 

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