Cohousing in UK
From: Eleanor Chandler (
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 17:19:55 -0500
The Devon Cohousing Group in the south west of Britain has been meeting
for about 18 months now.  We have formed a link with a Housing
Association which will act as our developer, and will let about six of
the units at an affordable rent.  Of the rest of the units half will be
owner-occupied, and half 'co-owned' with the Housing Association.   I
have been interested in postings here on affordable housing, although I
expect the ways of organising it will differ widely from country to
country.  We are currently looking for a site which will be both
affordable and will get permission for residential use - very very
difficult in this part of the country!  We want to build sustainably
and ecologically.

This summer I visited several cohousing communities in California,
Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria, and was very touched by the welcome I
received and the generosity with which people offered their time and
hospitality.  I didn't even get to meet everyone who invited me due to
shortness of time.  But thanks to all of you!  I was inspired to see
Cohousing in concrete form, that it exists and it works!  I'd begun to
have doubts that ours would ever happen.

Can't attend the conference unfortunately,  but I would very much like
to hear something of what goes on there. Perhaps people would post some
vignettes of it here?


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