Re: "Christian CoHousing"
From: Scott Cowley (
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 10:28:46 -0500
What is "christian" about "christian cohousing" ?
Indeed, what is "cohousing" about "christian cohousing" ?
This sounds like the "vegan" cohousing we had discussed last spring.

Don't you get it ?  Cohousing is not just another utopian commune movement.
Sure, we are an "intentional" community.  But the historical cohousing movement 
principles of
_Diversity_, Cooperation,  a concern for the land we occupy and use, and 
especially an
attempt to create a Humanizing force at a neighborhood level which evolves away 
from the
the existing capitalist system (a system which continues to embrace war and 
christian religion as
vehicles to enforce its principles of waste and exploitation) are much broader 
than a community
representing such a single belief system.

As always, we must fight to avoid sinking to our lowest common denominator:  An 
idyllic, gated golf
course community of like-minded, well-off American isolationists.

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