Goals of Cohousing
From: Russell L. Brand (brandresponsible.com)
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 14:59:37 -0500
Perhaps the most important thing in community is that it helps us to
raise our children. If this is true, as I believe it is, then I would
want every adult in my Cohousing group to be a someone that I would be
actively happy about having my children spend time with him or her.

People who value diversity very highly, probably want their children
to experience diversity as a part of their everyday environment and
interact with people who value diversity.  People who highly value
certain religious beliefs and practice (perhaps for example saying
grace before a meal) will want these things integrated into their
community life in a way that non-believers (or believers in other
things) will not want to participate in.

While I am not a good candidate for a Christian cohousing group, I
applaud such a group for being sufficient explicit about its goal so
as to allow people who are unlikely to be comfortable in such to
pre-select themselves out in an efficient manner.

/Russell (member of, but not a spokesman for, Peninsula Regional
Cohousing (PERCH)) 

brand [at] responsible.com
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