Re: Christian Cohousing & Diversity
From: Documania (
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 20:15:35 -0500
Michael Mariner said:

>So let's not give up on the goal, but let's allow it to evolve over time. 
> Right now, 1990's, we should encourage vegans, Christians, Trekkies, and 
>Neo-Luddites to each have their own communities and learn to tolerate and 
>love the diverse personalities within their groups.  Then when they come 
>to regional cohousing gatherings (and we should definitely invite all), 
>we can all rub elbows and ideas and begin to moderate and soften 
>hard-edged, xenophobic beliefs once or twice a year while celebrating the 
>sharing we've learned in cohousing.
>I say any cohousing is better than a suburb of isolated households who 
>rarely rub elbows with anyone except those who are completely like them 
>and let TV or ingrained prejudices define their world view. 

        In my opinion, this is a very sensible and realistic position.

Carolyn Haley
dcma [at]

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