Re: Christian Cohousing & Diversity
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 09:16:31 -0500
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<<Michael Mariner said:

>So let's not give up on the goal, but let's allow it to evolve over time. 
> Right now, 1990's, we should encourage vegans, Christians, Trekkies, and 
>Neo-Luddites to each have their own communities and learn to tolerate and 
>love the diverse personalities within their groups.  Then when they come 
>to regional cohousing gatherings (and we should definitely invite all), 
>we can all rub elbows and ideas and begin to moderate and soften 
>hard-edged, xenophobic beliefs once or twice a year while celebrating the 
>sharing we've learned in cohousing.
>I say any cohousing is better than a suburb of isolated households who 
>rarely rub elbows with anyone except those who are completely like them 
>and let TV or ingrained prejudices define their world view. 

        In my opinion, this is a very sensible and realistic position.

Carolyn Haley
dcma [at]>>

Gary Shlifer of Synergy Cohousing ------------------------------

I have been very busy with building cohousing and building my career as a
cinematographer. So I haven't been writing on coho-l for a while. But I have
been reading it.
When I saw the term 'christian cohousing' appear I had to take the time to
write the L and those particpating in the conversation.

There is no such thing as christian cohousing. Nor will there ever be.
Cohousing can not associate with any dogma. Cohousing embodies everyone from
every background. To lable it christian or otherwise will lead to the demise
of the concept. Cohousing can have christians or whatever, but putting that
lable on it is poor marketing and lack of insight into the future of the
national movement.
Cohousing concepts could aid in the stimulation of a christian community, but
not the other way around. 
Hey, do you want to join our christian community? Great. Love it. Do it. I
personally will not recognize a christian cohousing community, as cohousing.
Because it isn't cohousing anymore. It's a christian community. 
Hey want to join our hari-chrisna cohousing. Want to join our muslim
cohousing project? Hey come and see our hasidic cohousing project?
Ahh---- no.
Want to come and see our cohousing project. Many of us believe in a christian
way of life, but we welcome everyone?
Sure, I'd love to check it out.

Thank you for your time.
No matter what happens, it will happen for the best.

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