RE: christian cohousing
From: Scott Cowley (
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 10:58:17 -0500
I'm happy to talk.
I do, in fact, know a lot of christian, republican, wealthy people who are, in 
fact, fine folks.
And, not knowing you at all, don't presume you are pious. The problem I have is 
with a _system_
which has, over the course of human history, used the beliefs of various 
traditions to oppress and
murder for the sake of its own security.
    No, I don't include "spirituality" as a separate human function.  It is 
much too nebulous and
easily abused for me, and usually  fails to explain anything about what I have 
seen and experienced.

I'd like to point out, in the course of this latest discussion on the cohousing 
list, the
- That the current "humanization" of capitalism didn't start up on its own 
power.  It was 
generated by people who deeply questioned the basic tenets of capitalism, 
wanted to
survive within it (as we all do),  and felt that they could finesse some change 
"from within".
- Historically, christianity has been far more a destructive force than a 
"binding force", with
millions upon millions of innocent people killed in its name.  It is also, in 
fact, not the only
choice for "motivating" people to live in community.  Community is a basic 
human need and can
provide its own motivation. - The first reaction of reactionaries is to kill 
the messenger,
especially if s/he has uttered the word "system", or point out the historical 
injustices of  this
outdated system.  "Rant" is the insult most often hurled.  I am., in fact, a 
"Leftist", and am very
proud to be associated with a long line of people who have been courageous 
enough to speak out. - I
am all for evolving.  To do so requires openness on all accounts, including 
those who represent the
old school.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of you who have taken the time to offer a 
serious reply.

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