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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 13:45:55 -0500
September 8, 1997

Dear CoHousers:

Greetings from sunny Colorado!

In case you have not heard, CoHousing is currently receiving a great deal of
national media attention with this past Sunday article in The New York Times,
and upcoming stories on CNN, "Sunday Good Morning America" and NBC
"Dateline."  CoHousing is increasingly receiving coverage as a  mainstream
housing option in the U.S.

I am writing because you are committed to the concept of CoHousing, and for
those of you in not yet living in a CoHousing community, I am sure you would
like to move the process forward as quickly as possible.  One way to do that
is to encourage any development professionals you are working with to attend
the upcoming seminar Developing CoHousing Communities: The Keys to Success
scheduled for October 15-17 here in Colorado.  

This seminar, now in its second year, presents a rare opportunity to learn
firsthand from the country's top CoHousing experts which pitfalls to avoid,
and how to create and build a CoHousing community working with tried methods.
 The open and frank sharing from these experienced professionals can greatly
reduce the time required to create your community.

The seminar will take place from Wednesday, October 15 - Friday, October 17
at the Nyland CoHousing Community in Lafayette, CO (about 30 minutes from
Denver), and will include an extensive guided tour of several Denver metro
area CoHousing neighborhoods. Speakers giving presentations this year

* Jim Leach, president of Wonderland Hill Development Company of Boulder,
Colorado, and the developer of six CoHousing communities, more than any other
developer in the U.S.  Neighborhoods Jim has built  in Colorado include
Nyland, Harmony Village, Greyrock Commons, Highline Crossing, Nomad, plus
Tierra Nuevo in San Luis Obispo, California.

* Kathryn McCamant and Chuck Durrett, architects and the husband-wife design
team who co-authored CoHousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves,
the classic text of the CoHousing movement.

* Chris Hanson, a development consultant since 1981, who has assisted more
than 15 CoHousing groups with all aspects of the CoHousing process. Chris was
the founder and co-developer of the Winslow CoHousing project near Seattle,
WA, and the project manager for Cardiff Place and Windsong in Canada.

* Zev Paiss, co-founder and president of the Rocky Mountain CoHousing
Association (RMCA), managing editor of CoHousing:  The Journal of the
CoHousing Network, and the producer of the first video on the CoHousing
movement, "Neighborhoods for People."  He has consulted with more than 20
communities around the country on issues of marketing, site selection, group
process and understanding the development process.

If you have a professional developer or builder you would like to or are
already working with, please pass on thier mane and address and I will mail
out one of the seminar brochures. A cost effective solution is for the
developer and a representative(s) of your community to attend the seminar

The cost of the three day seminar, including an all-day guided tour of
several CoHousing communities, is $995 plus local accommodations.  Discounts
will be offered for additional attendees from the same organization or two or
more people listed on the same registration form.

While $995 may seem like a lot of money for a future CoHousing resident, a
developer embarking on a multi-million dollar project will end up saving tens
of thousands of dollars from the information gained at this seminar.  The
$1,000 investment equals about $10,000 worth of invaluable consulting

If you have questions or would like any additional information, please feel
free to call me at (303) 554-1799 or email me at Kayruth [at]


Kay Abrahams
Marketing Director

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