City vs Country
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 22:03:58 -0500
-Allen Howell asked:

What are your personal opinions of city versus country?

I would NEVER live in city. I get enormously stressed out in urban 
environments to the point I am constantly unhappy and uncomfortable. I go into 
Seattle maybe once a month at the most and I am never comfortable there. 
Surrounded by artifical landscapes of concrete and steel, loud noise, bad air, 
violent and dangerous people, people that avoid looking you in the eye, the 
constant  crush of crowds.  No thanks, for my opinon cities embody everything 
that is broken in human culture. I went to NY city once, and that was once too 
much. I could never imagine under any circumstances living in such a place. I 
can barely even imagine living in the suburbs of a mellow place like Seattle. 

I am a country, small village person. I delibrately choose to live out beyond 
the sidewalks, surrounded by nature several thousand feet on any side. I 
choose to create community in the country because it makes sense. Rather than 
being isolated, create a small village, share your life and things. Steward 
the land so when the cities and the economics systems they depend on fail, 
there is something left. 

That's me. Come visit anytime. The Forest is always a nice retreat.

Rob Sandelin
Cedar Village permaculture retreat center (forming)

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