Re: Christian Cohousing & Diversity
From: Gorwydd (
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 21:41:09 -0500
On 9/7/97 Floriferous [at] (Rob Sandelin) writes:
>Hate to tell you all this, but there is a very functional Mennonite
>group living (in sin?) up here in the socialistic state of Seattle. Very
>little scene they have going for themselves, very much cohousing by all 
>definitions, except...membership is only open to church members. You can be 
>green, black, brown, or other, they don't care, but they require you to be a

>practicing Mennonite, whatever that means. They have been living together
>four or five years now I think.

I wouldn't think of raining on your parade, hope everything works for this
group. But reconsider if "cohousing" is really what this group wants to call
themselves. Maybe "Planned Community" is what you ought to call yourself.

They are in fact discriminating against anyone who wishes to live with them
based on religious beleif... something that wouldn't go over well with people
who beleive in Constitutional Rights, and with fair housing laws. 

I see no difference between choosing on the basis of religious belief, to
choosing on the basis of ethnic origin. One word easily slips into the place
of the other. 

-Allen Howell 

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