What is/Who is Cohousing
From: Documania (dcmamail1.nai.net)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:06:20 -0500
A truly Christian cohousing community would not close its doors to anyone.

As for the definition of cohousing, how would you define a group of
Christians that built a community a la McCamant/Durrett's model, then
welcomed non-Christians in as the community settled and matured? Would the
fact that the core group was Christian (or whatever) nullify the fact they
were operating as a cohousing community? Why can't a core group of like
minds take advantage of their existing identity to give them the strength
they need to put the community together? From all reports, it's an
exhausting, demanding process that wipes out many groups before they even
get started.

I do not belong to any religious group, but I believe that they can be a
legitimate starting point for a legitimate cohousing community.

Carolyn Haley
dcma [at] ct1.nai.net

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