Country v. City
From: Anne Wayman (
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:09:51 -0500
If money, friends and family were no issue, I'd probably choose the back
country, but since all are an issue for me creating co-housing in downtown
San Diego looks like a truly good idea to me, for these reasons:

+ our downtown is truly diverse ethnically and economically.  I long for
the 'aliveness' of such a mix
+ there is now a good supermarket downtown and a constant sort of farmer's
market with low cost vegies and other stuff
+ excellent access to whatever public transportation we have
+ close to our poor central library and to the proposed new library
+ close to the bay and it's cooling breezes
+ truly good access to our freeway system
+ walking distance to various great spots on the bay, including two bayside
+ close to the county's oldest hardware store -- and it's a good one

And yes, when I prowl around on foot it is noisy and dirty, but it's also
interesting and gritty.  If we get our group together and actually
build/rehab downtown I envision pockets of quiet and grace interfacing with
the excitement/convenience of the downtown.


     "Perpetual powerlessness is not attractive." Powerfully Recovered, p. 43

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