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From: Al Morel (vemsponsor.ultranet.com)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:11:45 -0500
I've seen Christianity be associated with wars, the plundering of innocent
nations, sinister motives, etc. I'm not trying to defend the Crusades, the
Inquisition, Popes fathering children, the Bakers, Jerry Falwell, and
pedophile clergy.  I would submit that this has to do more with the nature
of man rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Mankind has proven that
it can corrupt any type of ideology: see Stalin and Pol Pot. (Sorry about
the of "man." I would have used a different term, but let's face it, it's
usually men who do these types of things. ;)

I too would have no problem with an African-American couhousing community
but Arayan Nation cohousing would make the hairs on my neck stand on end.
I also see nothing intrinsically wrong with restricting steak cooking,
smoking, drinking or many other things, as long as the group agrees.  I
know of a cohousing group that professes to be open to all income levels in
its vision statement and has houses that average over $300,000.  We must be
honest and up-front about our stated goals and expectations.  Otherwise,
unmet expectations could be the demise of our efforts.

As Christians, we are commissioned to go beyond merely tolerating those of
different belief systems or whom we disagree with; we are to love them.

There has been some great information out of this discussion that has been
useful for us such as a more detailed definition of cohousing. We have also
found out that many Christian communities are out there that would rather
exist in anonymity and that bigotry takes all sorts of shapes, forms and

Tolerance, as long as we agree ;^)

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