Mtg w/ Rep. Blumenauer
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:32:15 -0500
My e mail's been down for two days!

I met w/ Rep. Blumenauer (Democrat OR) on Wednesday.  For all of you
holding your breath hoping he will introduce legislation to finance
cohousing nationally, you can exhale now.

Being from Oregon, Blumenauer is quite familiar w/ cohousing.  One of my
purposes in meeting w/ him was to discuss how he could use cohousing as
his model when talking about his favorite agenda item:  liveability
standards for urban neighborhoods.  He thought this a mildly interesting
idea.  Another purpose was to enroll him in promoting cohousing as a
viable alternative in revitalizing urban neighborhoods.  Also produced
mild interest.

I would characterize our 15 minute meeting as...polite.  However, about
6 minutes into the meeting he asked if there is a national organization
on cohousing from which he could get information easily.  Well pshaw!
Lacking an official body I gave him Don Lindeman's name and number.
Sorry Don...

I had a longer talk w/ his legislative assistant,  Michael Harrison, who
specializes in housing issues for the congressman.  He said Blumenauer
would be  interested in any federal disincentives to creating cohousing
-- that is -- are there federal rules, regs, etc. which penalize the
development of cohousing communities?  Blumenauer's thrust in congress
seems to be the elimination of federal rules that create disincentives
in a number of areas chiefly transportation.  Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you to one and all who e mailed me, talked w/ me, sent
information, etc.  Even tho' our meeting was short I left the
information you all sent me -- which was good stuff! -- and I believe
his assistant will read it as he sounded pretty interested.

Thanks again!  See some of you in Seattle!

Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing
annz [at]

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