RE: Budgets and Fees
From: Marci Malinowycz (
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 16:42:36 -0500
A useful way to weigh this information would be to look at the relative 
changes within a particular group's budget from the first year, which was 
based on the best guess, to subsequent years, when reality set in and 
unexpected costs were accounted for.

Regarding contributions in lieu of cash: In my community, we're all putting 
that in already, as we divide up the various kinds of work according to our 
(continually evolving) work agreements. Work agreements are a kind of budget, 
really; in our community, they're very separate from the money budget. The 
money budget is for cash expenditures, normal expenses (maintenance + reserves 
+ improvements), those items that cannot be settled by barter within the 

To all communities: If you want to, send or bring your example budgets to the 
conference, and they'll be a resource there, plus we'll look into a way to 
make them more widely available afterward.

-- Marci, Puget Ridge Cohousing, Seattle

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Subject:  Budgets and Fees

This is my first post in several months.  So, Hello...  At Deer Island
Village (Marin County near San Francisco), we are struggling with how to
project our first year's budget, and then prepare a monthy fee or dues for
each of our 18 families.

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to review some annual budgets
from CoHo communities that have a history.  We are especially interested in
what all needs to be included as line items in an annual budget, including
depreciation and the need to put aside funds for a new roof on the common
house, pave the road, replace expendable items in the common house, etc....
 We will be very happy to receive any help anyone can provide.

How do you deal with work contributions in lieu of cash...?

Since I always have great difficulty in reading files attached to e-mail
messages (often it is impossible for me to do so), please include any
enclosures within the body of the e-mail itself.  Many thanks.  I am:  

jjsherwood [at]   
P.O. Box 330145
San Francisco, CA  94133-0145
(415) 989-6189

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