RE: Definition of CoHousing, Christian CoHo, etc. . .
From: The CoHousing Company (
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:56:54 -0500
>Dear Katie and Chuck,
>We very much appreciated your recent attempts to define CoHousing.  We have
>one question, though: If you are the "inventors" of the term Co-Housing,
>what did/do the Danes call it?  Please let us know.  Thanks.
>Petra and Richard
>petra [at]

Yes, we made up the word back in 1985. The Danes call it "bofaellesskaber"
which translates as "living communities." We didn't think the direct
translation was very catchy and we needed a word for this specific type of
community housing, soooooo and the rest is history.  But there in NO HYPHEN
in cohousing!!!!!!

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