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From: The CoHousing Company (
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:38:40 -0500
Ideas for conference sessions:

I, of course, thought to get this out much earlier but . . . .

I am interested in discussion of cohousing design issues, and in the spirit
of sharing the experience we've all cummulatively had would like to propose
a session looking at designs of existing communities--specifically site
plans but perhaps could also cover common houses as time allows. I will
bring some slides and would like to encourage others to bring slides and
thoughts about what really works in your community and what about the
design you would do differently now that you're living there.  . . .I
always find I learn so much from what people would do differently--this is
often where we learn the real refining of the basic design concepts.

Looking forward to seeing yo'all there.


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