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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 00:52:31 -0500
Dear Carolyn,

Good question, sure to elicit variety of response.  I'll offer one, and add
an additional one.  A Kibbutz is an Israeli commune.  Resources are shared.
 Households do have individual dwellings, with kitchenettes, nonetheless,
meals are offered and usually shared in common kitchen and dining room.
 Children live together in children's housing.  They do have meals and
evening time with family of origin.  
the one not mentioned, and fairly akin to Co-ho, is called a Moshav.  As far
as I know, and there'll be folks who know a great deal more, a Moshav is a
community, similar to kibbutz in many respects, however folks work off-site.
 Money is private, and not pooled.  So it is very akin to co-housing.  Have
been enjoying the posts.  Am interested in seeing input re: budget, among
others, as we on the verge of moving into Cantine's Island Co-housing later
this Season.  
Am surprised at vehemence of urban vs rural conversation, BTW.  The point of
urbania preserving open space is well taken, and under-understood.
 Hereabouts it is distressing to see folks look at an apple orchard with a
for sale sign, the mountains in the background, buy it, and then bulldoze
what had been so beautiful...... In order to build their dream home!  Co-ho,
at least ours, building with  he principle of placing the houses, the
structures themselves on the least desireable part of the land is a beautiful
counter to this.  
All Best to you- all, 
Welcome back form conference, 
Ruth Hirsch [Eves @ AOL]
POBox 786 New Paltz, N.Y. 12561/914 255 8601
Carolyn wrote:
"The only defined types [of communities] I can think of are ecovillage,
commune, co-op household, religious community, kibbutz."
I do not know the definitions of these types of communities. Can anyone
tell me how they are similar or different?
3.Carolynyn Haley
dcma [at]

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