Re: replies to cohousing defines, christians, etc.
From: William Germino (
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 08:44:11 -0500
Responding to Scott Cowley's message...

"Nevertheless, Katie, the question which Denise responded to by calling me 
a racist,
is still on the table:  "When was the last time _any_ christian group 
openly welcomed any moslems, buddhists,
atheists, etc., etc. to share in their bank account or babysit their kids ?

REPLY:  Help me understand where you're going with this.  Is it to show 
that Christians have a dislike or distrust for people of other religions?

"The discussions on cohousing-l too easily falls toward a "hippie country 
club" mentality, which can be awfully leaden.  Politics and principles must 
have a place here, or we're dead.  I have received several messages from 
people who have unsubscribed because they felt that it was for people who 
are "just out for themselves."... 
"...By the way, my mormon experience is the first time I experienced any 
community, and which, though limited, has been a powerful influence in my 
choice of community building.  I think those who assume that it is the 
source of my disgust for traditional christians are only touching on a tiny 
fraction of it."

REPLY:  Scott, your comments certainly add a breadth of viewpoints to 
discussions that may not otherwise be present (which is valuable).  Recent 
responses to you seem to be highlighting the tone and manner in which your 
statements are made.  Phrases such as " disgust for traditional 
Christians..." invoke a confrontative response by their nature.  Is this 
your intent?  I wouldn't think so.  Yet it's not clear that you care if 
people are offended by your comments, especially when a little different 
word choice and comment discretion would go a long way.  Nothing wrong with 
people disagreeing, but it can be done in a respectful way.

In in the interest of keeping this list interesting, helpful, and friendly,

Bill Germino

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