new IL cohousing group
From: Jackie L. Wallis (
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:28:41 -0500
Greetings All!

I'm relatively new to this mailing list, but old to the idea of
cohousing, and now I find myself in the position of 'burning soul'
in forming a new cohousing group in Illinois, in the far-west
Chicago suburbs.

I've got my first informational meeting scheduled, to try and
gather other folks that are interested and to create the core
group.  I'm in the process of trying to find a location for a
second and third meeting. The first meeting is in my church,
which was easy to arrange, and free, but I want the others to
be outside the church in the library or community center, or
somthing and that's harder to arrange, if I don't want to pay
big bucks.  :-)

Anyway, I'm looking for information as to how and where you
advertised your initial informational meetings.  Newspapers?
If so, what kind of ads did you use?  Where else?  What did you
say?  What about work?  Do you think it would be appropriate for
me to post something on a bulletin board at work?  Newsgroups
on the net are obvious, and I'll do that as soon as my hubby 
gets my computer properly registered.  Any place else that
you used that was real effective in drawing people?  Can I post
my new cohousing group on the Cohousing Network's web page,
even if the group is only me so far?

Any help, words of wisdom would be appreciated.  :-)

Jackie Wallis
DuPage Cohousing Association  (membership: 1)  :-)

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